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120W multi-function Mini Mixer Amplifier
● 100V output
● With MIC priority function, adjustable mute degree
● Support remote infrared control
● Built-in MP3, support multiple decoding formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC
● Recording and Bluetooth function: one MIC input and one Line input
● Independent volume control of MIC and Line, with treble and bass control, MIC with sound effect and delay
● Bluetooth 4.0, transmission distance >8m

Front panel description

1. Power

2. Mode switch button

3. Recording button

4. Music loop button

5. Previous: to play the previous program

6. Rotate / Pause, automatic radio search under FM mode

7. Next: to play the next program

8. Display Screen

9. SD card

10. USB

11. Indication light

12. Volume of music

13. Treble

14. Bass

15. MIC delay

16. MER is surprising

17. MIC mute master, long press to enter the previous MIC mode, adjustable music adjustable music

18. Number of MICs

19. Zone 1 suis

20. Change zone 2

21. MIC input

Back panel description

1. AUX in, or line input

2. Connect with ground wire

3. Zone 1 output

4. Output zone 2


Item Specification
Rated Output Power 120W
Input Sensitivity MIC ≤3.5mV
AUX ≤280mV
Frequency Response 80Hz-12KHz(±3dB)
THD ≤1% (1KHz, in normal working status)
Auxiliary Output Voltage ≥800mV
Pitch Range Bass ±10dB(100Hz)
Treble ±10dB (10kHz)
Mute Function MIC1 input overrides other input
RMS 150W
Dimension (L×W×H) 187×280×65mm
Net Weight 2.5kg
Gross Weight 3.0kg