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Product Features
8 Zone Fire alarm control Panel Specification
  • It is modularized design, the panel can expend from 1 zone to 32 zones easily.
  • It has 2 level control mode by a lock
  • It has 24VDC and 5VDC power supply output.
  • It has FIRE and FAULT signal output.
  • It has 2 general sounders output.
  • Each zone has 1 circuit detectors input .
  • Each zone can be disable by a button.
  • It has RESET button to reset the panel.
  • It has SILENCE button to stop BUZZER and SOUNDERS.
  • It has EVACUATE button to start a manual fire alarm immediately.
  • It has battery low protection function, when battery voltage lower than 21VDC, battery will be cut off automatically until the mains power is on.
  • It has an optional GSM module for fire alarm by SMS .

Technical parameters
ITEM 8Zone panel
Model No. AW-CFP2166-04-16
Mains supply voltage 110VAC or 240VAC
Internal power supply 27.2VDC
Total output current limited 3A @ 240VAC
Batteries (Default Configuration) 12V2AH*2-24VDC in Total
End of Line device 6.8k Q,5% tolerance, 0.25W (color code-blue, grey, red, gold)
End of line resistor value 6.8k 22,5% tolerance, 0.25W (color code-blue, grey, red, gold)
Dimensions(mm) 395*502″124mm
Weight (without batteries) 7kg
Weight (with batteries) 9.6kg