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Product Features

Smoke Detector AW-CSD311 Features
Strong Adaptability For Circumstance
SMT Design, High Stability
40-60vdc Wide Voltage Operating Range
Low Standby Current
Power Supply Non-Polarized input
Twin Led For 360 Visual
Flashing Led Power Indicator
Remote Led Indicator Output(2-Wire)
Metal Shield. Anti-Electromagnetic Interference

Technical parameters
Operating Voltage Range 9 to 28 VDC Volts Non-polarized
Standby Current ≤120A@24VDC
Maximum Alarm Current (LED on)  ≤15mA@24VDC(K Ohm current-limiting resistance)
Fix temperature Alarm 570C (1350F) A1R
Rate of rise Alarm 7.10C/5S A1R
Height 48.2 mm installed in Base
Diameter 99.45 mm
Operating Humidity Range ≤95%RH(400C±20C) Relative Humidity, Non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range -100C to 500C (140F to 1220F)
Smoke Alarm Sensitivity 1.06±。26%FT