E04D.NET-4 Doors 8 WG Card Reader Access Control

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Motherboard model: E04D.NET
Motherboard size: 232mm×134mm×22mm
Motherboard Color: dark blue
Motherboard Weight: about 300 grams
Chassis size: 380mm×300mm×75mm
Chassis Color: black
Chassis weight: about 2400 grams
Operating temperature: <60℃
environment humidity: 10% ~ 95% RH
Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Working current: < 240mA
rated power: ≤5W
Power-off protection: 10 years

Interface configuration
Card reader: 8 (485 card reader or WIEGAND card reader)
Alarm Output: 1 (1-65535 seconds)
Alarm input: 1
Fire alarm output: 1
Fire alarm input: 1
Exit button: 4
Door Magnetic Input: 4
Electric lock output: 4 (dry contact output, no voltage)

Performance parameters
Card capacity: 30000 sheets
Record stock: 60000
Alarm capacity: 60000
communication method: TCP/IP
Communication distance: Software management is not limited by distance (100 meters between controller and switch)
Card reader communication: 485 Way or Wiegand
Communication distance: 1200m, 100M
How to open the door: Card, password, card + password, dual card, first card to open the door, software, fire alarm, button, timing

Directly integrates 10M TCP/IP communication, with excellent transmission performance
Large-capacity Flash memory, save data for 10 years after power failure
8 Wiegand card readers and 8 485 card readers can be connected externally, and mixed installation can also be performed to achieve 4-door two-way card swiping
All input interfaces have optocoupler protection, the system is more stable
The hardware comes with a Web server, which can realize management and real-time control without installing software
The opening time of each door is up to 8 groups, and each group can choose different identification methods
A variety of door opening identification methods: card, password, card + password, dual card, free passage, timed opening and closing the door, timed alarm
Support remote operation to switch doors, switch fire alarms, and alarm
Support software or Web operation to lock the door; support cross-machine area anti-sneak back; support interlocking
Support alarm output of multiple events, such as invalid card, invalid time, door alarm, door open timeout
All Weigand interfaces are compatible with 26, 34, 37 protocols, with optocoupler protection
Data is actively sent, and transmission is not limited by the number of controllers
Support to set the validity period of each card individually
All access control devices support mixed installation
Cooperate with the software to support attendance, real-time online patrol function
Equipped with a network camera, combined with a multi-functional electronic map, it can realize real-time network monitoring and video capture
Application areas: government agencies, scientific research institutions, intelligent buildings of factories and mines , office buildings, office buildings Smart community, high-end villas, rental houses Nengxun computer room, banking and financial institutions, treasury military installations, prisons Metro transportation, airport, station gate control, parking lot Colleges and universities, hospitals, hotels, hotels