EAS . System

EAS . system
To manage and control anti-store theft during the shopping situation of excessive retail stores or retail stores in malls or streets.

Metal Detector Gates

metal detector gates
Metal detector gates are useful for detecting prohibited tools in life zone so there are many types of detection zone gates.

High security cameras

Surveillance camera systems CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a television system in which signals are monitored for surveillance and security purposes.


The story of CSTCO is a story of constant challenges, teamwork, and the dream of success, initiated in 2003; CSTCO has successfully prospered in the ever-changing and challenging fields of ANTI- theft professional services providing a high level of integrated solutions.

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More 15 years experience 98%

Sensormatic Solutions

Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers deliver frictionless, personalized experiences by promoting rigorous decision-making across the enterprise. We connect and fill gaps across retail organizations to provide critical real-time insights into the inventory, shoppers, affiliates and retail environment. We protect assets and people by helping to ensure a safe and secure environment throughout the entire customer journey.


CstcoEgypt products are mainly divided into
into four categories: EAS, DISPALY SECURITY, and
RFID and ESL, which can be applied to
supermarket, bookstore, clothing, online store,
Inventory management, smart retail…etc.

EAS Loss Prevention

EAS Loss Prevention
We provide EAS Retail Loss Prevention Solution for the retailers all over the world. We offer a wide range of electronic surveillance article products including RF/AM hard tag, RF/AM soft label, ink tag, RF/AM detection system, RF/AM deactivator, magnetic detachers, etc, and we have established a full-scale quality management system, guaranteeing our efficient operations and sustainable growth. Our solution can rapidly increase the sales profit, decrease the workforce cost and theft loss.



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