Metal Detectors

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Metal detectors gats (walkthrough)
Walk-through metal body search detectors are detectors that are used to detect metals on persons. The usage areas of these detectors are quite wide today. These detectors, which are used safely in areas such as airports, shopping malls, plazas, factories; can also be used in many different areas such as businesses, holdings, plazas. What make these detectors different from each other are the zone zones. The more the zone, i.e. the scanning zone, the faster the metal will be detected, and the easier it will be to detect. As the scanning area increases, metal is detected in accordance with all areas scanned, we can say that the more the zone area, the more reliable the detector.
With door type metal body search detectors, all cutting and piercing tools such as knives, guns, and guns are instantly detected. In general, a metal stand is placed next to these detectors. When switching to a metal stand, people can use phones, keys, etc. they can leave their stuff. Our door type metal body search detectors are manufactured to be resistant to water and fire. In this way, it can be used safely not only indoors but also outdoors. All different models of these detectors have different sensitivities. Thus, it is ensured that it gives an alarm in the way you want. As the sensitivity setting is increased, even the smallest metals can be easily detected.
On the screens of the door type metal body search detectors, it is also possible to see how many people have passed and at the same time, how many times the detector has alarmed. When it detects metals, it gives an audible and light warning. It is also very simple to use. There are models that can be controlled by remote control. Moreover, a password can be set to change its settings. In this way, nobody who does not know the password will be able to change their settings.
Our door type scanners perform very sensitive scanning; they do not hurt pregnant women and heart rate.